Ikea Hacks – 5 To Furnish Your Apartment!

In apartment living you may find yourself ready for big style, yet not ready for big investments. There is a solution! Customize some basic furniture pieces and or accessories from inexpensive stores like Ikea. If you do not have an Ikea nearby, you can certainly visit your local thrift shop.

The following are 5 simple Ikea Hacks that anyone can easily pull off.  Even those who swear they are not creative!

1.  Serve your guests a cocktail from a bookshelf turned bar.Ikea Billy Hack Bookcase Bar

2.Add trim, paint, and drawer pulls to create stylish storage from two unfinished pine dressers.     Ikea Rast Hack Chevron

3. Customize a generic clock with a leather belt and “What time is it?”  becomes a question you want to answer.  🙂

Ikea Hack Clock Belt

4. Gold spray paint instantly transforms a drab metal bookcase.

Ikea Bookcase Hack Gold

5.  Add tapered legs to a plain white table top for a midcentury coffee table.Ikea Table Hack



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