Interior Decorating Style – 4 Tips to Find Yours

So your apartment is a blank canvas, but you can’t seem to get started transforming it into the home you want?  Maybe it’s because you aren’t quite sure what your your interior decorating style is…

Don’t worry. Here are 4 tips to help you discover your identity in the world of interior decor!

4 Tips for Finding Your Interior Decorating Style

1. Before you do anything else, familiarize yourself with the following 3 interior decorating styles so that you have a name for what it is you are drawn to design-wise.  As you become more aware of your design personality, you can explore the many branches of these mother styles.

Traditional Decor

Traditional Living Room

Contemporary Decor

Contemporary House

Eclectic Decor

Eclectic Living Room


2. Now open a Pinterest account and create an Interior Decorating Board!  Pin photos that truly inspire you.

Revisit your board regularly to edit out pins you no longer love on second glance.  Once you have a collection of at least 20 interior decorating pins, look for common themes. Pay attention to colors, textures, space, and shapes.

Refer back to Tip 1 to see which style or combination of styles matches most with the pins you’ve collected. This will be the foundation of your interior decorating style!

Interior Decorating Pinterest


3.  It is now time for a field trip… to your bedroom closet!

What you chose to wear correlates well with the space you would enjoy living in. So pick out 3-4 of your favorite outfits to serve as inspiration pieces along with your pins.  Take a photo of each with your phone to have a reference you can easily carry with you once you begin shopping or thrifting for your apartment.

Compare the outfits with your pins and the interior style(s) you chose from Tip 1.  You’ll be surprised how they match up!

Traditional Outfit and Decor

Traditional Style Living Room

 Contemporary Outfit and Decor

Contemporary Style Bedroom

 Eclectic Outfit and Decor

Eclectlic Style Interior Design


4. Ok, one last tip!

Focus on your lifestyle.  What’s your budget? What do you enjoy doing when you’re you’re at home? How often do you move?  Are you a city dweller or do you prefer the countryside?

Thinking critically about your lifestyle will help you weed out any of the collected inspiration that seems unrealistic for you. You will be happy in the space you ultimately create if you stay true to what your everyday life is like.


Now you can get started using all you’ve learned about your your interior decorating style from the tips above. With your inspiration pieces close at hand, decorating with your personal touch and belongings will make your space unique.  Have fun!


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  1. Wow-o-wow! Pairing personal fashion style with personal decor aspirations is a most innovative concept! I”m learning so much from your blog. Many thanks!


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